Brian Mac Mahon, who runs Expert Dojo, said he’s adamant that the accelerator in Santa Monica “will invest in more founders than ever before.” In fact, the accelerator just signed three new term sheets for new investments in entrepreneurs. Two of those startups are solo women founders.

“We will invest in women founders, minorities, immigrants and startups.” he said. “We are investing $100,000 into small companies and will not let this crisis slow us down. Recessions are caused because we change our behaviors.  Expert DOJO intends to be a leading light in this respect.  We will not bow down to this crisis at the risk of startups failing.”

Apply to the next accelerator program on May 4th HERE  

And, Expert Dojo is poised to launch its new nonprofit, Project 10,000. This is its giveback to the community where it will help launch and support 10,000 new non-venture backable businesses. Mac Mahon plans to provide more details on this in the near future.

Sourced from OC Startups Now